PHP Arithmetic Operators

in the next couple episodes are gonna be talking about something called operators inside PHP and in this episode we're just going to focus on the type called arithmetic operators now as you guys can see ya that actually a code five inside my code and inside a browser we don't have five if i go back to my code and save 5+5 the plus symbol is actually what we call an arithmetic operator so it's basically you know math operators abused inside math and that sort of thing so right now we can actually add five if i refresh we get 10 so we can use plus symbols we can use minus symbols we can also divide by writing back glass you can also multiply by writing multiplication of what you call it star and we have two more that I want to talk about so we also have one called a modulus and a modulus is when we use percentage so basically what this does is that it goes in and say okay we have 5/5 and how much do we have left over so watery save this refresh my browser you guys can see we get 0 because right now 5/5 has no leftovers if it works chance to 52 and eight instead we should actually have three inside browser because you know 8/5 is one into the eighth and they have three left over so we go refresh we get three now we also have one called a exponentiation which is when we use multiply multiply in between them instead so this is basically when we say it's just going to change this one to five when we say 5 to the power of 5 you know when you have five and then you have a small 10 in the corner inside your math equations and then it says you know 10 to the five so we want to save 5 to the power 5 refresh we get 3125 if you're at you know if we were to just say to you get something like 25 which is right here so these are some of the basic arithmetic operators we have inside PHP and this is really all we're going to talk about this episode in the next episode we're going to cover something called an assignment operator so guests enjoyed this one and i'll see you guys now