Different Types of Arrays in PHP

today we're going to talk about some different rates are kept inside PHP because in the past we talked about so far has been the type called indexed rates now when it comes to race inside PSP hacks have three different types we have indexed arrays of associative arrays and you have multi-dimensional arrays so what I'm going to do in this episode is I'm just going to briefly introduce these three different types and then the next two episodes we're going to talk more in detail about associative arrays and multi-dimensional arrays so when it comes to a race at the top we know about so far we have a variable called something which is equal to an array and in this example have Daniel John and Jane as data inside disarray now forward to spit out the first data which is Daniel attacks need to echo out mobile data brackets and then i need to give it the index number of where the data is inside this array so in this case because we start from 0 12 if you want to speed up Daniel need to write 0 inside my brackets here now this is all good and fun but whatever I want to make this a bit more easy to pull out at least when it comes to understanding what exactly is inside this array then we can use something called an associative array now the basic idea behind an associative array is that instead of writing 0 inside the brackets we can actually named the data for example there a half down here that has the first name the last name and the age of a person i connect to go to named East pieces of data for example first last and eight and i can simply give this key like we call it a value so that's basically what an associative array is when it comes to a multi-dimensional array is when we have an array inside and a rate so as you guys can see here actually have an array and then the first data inside this array is actually another every of course you can actually mix this regular data like we have here like John and Jane but the basic idea behind these is that we have an array inside an array so what I'm going to do these next couple episodes i'm going to give you guys an example of associative arrays and multi-dimensional arrays and how to spit up the data from these types of a race because these will get used especially the associative array and the multi-dimensional array compared to what we have up here because this is a very basic rate that we don't really use that often when it comes to real websites we actually use these down here more especially when it comes to pulling out data from a database so because enjoyed i'll see you guys next time