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Part 2: Creating Expanding Tree Menu


    1. Create a folder named “Favorites” in the Documents
    2. Create a folder inside the “Favorites” and name it “_” or whatever other name it really doesn’t matter. Hold the SHIFT key and right click on the folder, then select “open folder location”. Once the folder location is open, right click on the folder and select “Properties”.Now go to the “Customize” tab and click on the “Chance icon” to change the icon of the folder.change-icon

      Change the icon of that folder. You may download my icon collection here – http://clevertechie.com/files/icons.zip. Icons will also help you organize folder better as you will see later.

Categories and Data Type Organization Technique

  1. Create main categories and number them
  2. Create the folder with “default subfolders”
  3. Create main subfolders and change their icons
  4. Make sure the taskbar is “unlocked”
  5. Taskbar -> Toolbars -> New Toolbar


  1. Organize shortcuts to be able to have quick and easy access to your favorite programs and folder locations on your computer
  2. Organize all data and folders to know exactly where all your stuff is located so you can save time and eliminate frustration
  3. Know exactly where to place and save new files and other data whenever you download anything from the Internet or create new files yourself
  4. Completely de-clutter your desktop for a nice clean look